How to Correctly Maintain Render Walls

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Render is a popular look for houses across the UK. That classic, smooth, bright appearance can make a home look stylish and expensive. Pale colours such as white, cream and light grey are the most common options for customers choosing to opt for this look. However, like all light things, render can be tricky to keep fresh. Take a look below at some of the problems our customers often face after rendering their homes. 

Render is a breathable material, preventing damp and condensation from building up within the walls of a property. This, of course, is hugely important for the structural integrity of the building but it does mean that there are tiny capillaries on the surface of the render. These tiny grooves are the perfect place for dirt to collect and algae to grow. Once this starts to happen, the sleek look of your home is lost. Hugely frustrating when you have spent thousands of pounds to make your home look beautiful. 

Factors That Can Impact Your Render

There are many factors that can affect your render. Arguably the most common issues come from:

Passing traffic

Pollution and emissions from cars driving past your home can gradually cause a build-up of carbon on your render. This can leave unsightly black marks on the surface which, if left untreated, can be difficult to remove.


Grass, trees and plants around your home can lead to the growth of algae. Especially in wetter climates like that in the UK. Green algae on the surface of your render is probably not the look you were going for when you first decided to render your home. Plus, if algae is left to grow and spread, it can damage the render causing flaking and cracks which in turn can lead to much bigger problems.


Rainwater and metal can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to render. With the great British weather to deal with, we often come across rust-damaged render. Whilst rust won’t cause any major damage to your render, rust stains can make a building look tired and old.

Keeping Render Looking its Best

If your render is starting to look a little worse for wear, it is important that the issue is addressed sooner rather than later. The longer that algae, pollution and dirt stains are allowed to remain on the render, the more difficult it is to clean as the contaminants will penetrate further into the surface the more time that passes.

We suggest that a maintenance plan and cleaning schedule are the best way to ensure that your render stays at its best, both structurally and aesthetically. And we HIGHLY recommend that you get a professional building cosmetics company to clean and take care of your render. 

Professional render cleaning is absolutely essential in keeping your render in good condition.  Look at a regular cleaning service as an investment. Well-maintained render will protect and strengthen the integrity of your home and add curb appeal if ever you decide to sell and move on. 

Prevention is Better Than Cure

You can never fully eradicate the cause of render deterioration. At the end of the day, there will always be carbon and pollution in the air and algae will always thrive in damp conditions. However, our specialist render cleaning solutions are designed to, not only clean your render, leaving it looking bright and new again, it will also slow down the growth of algae and well as reducing the level of carbon deposits that settle on your exterior walls, 

An annual render cleaning and treatment service will keep your render looking clean and beautiful for longer!

Our Render Cleaning Service

Here at Brick Makeover, we offer a variety of different maintenance packages to fit your needs and your budget. We are passionate about building exteriors and firmly believe that our customers should feel proud of their homes. For more details about our render cleaning service and weather protection packages, get in touch today!