10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Paint Bricks

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Are you thinking about painting your bricks? Stop!

Before you go any further, have a quick read of our 10 reasons why you shouldn’t paint bricks.

Doesn’t look natural

Painted bricks create clear block colour which is great if that’s the look and feel you’re going for. However, it simply doesn’t look natural, it looks blocky, and the colours look too man-made to give the impression of a natural brick.

Tinting uses natural iron oxide pigments in natural shades that will compliment the look and feel of the brick rather than covering them in unnatural paint.

Traps moisture

If not done correctly, painting bricks can severely damage them over time because it traps moisture in the bricks by clogging the pores. Trapping moisture in the bricks can cause mould to build up and in serious cases could cause cracks and structural damage.

Brick tinting does not clog the natural pores of the brick, instead, the tinting solution works with the brick material avoiding any damage to the bricks.

Puts chemicals on the bricks

If you are set on painting your bricks over tinting them, do thorough research on the paint before you buy just any paint. You can buy paint specifically for bricks. Whilst this still comes with its issues in comparison to tinting, you can reduce potential damage to your property by ensuring you use a specialist brick paint.

Brick paint can be found at most local home improvement and DIY stores.

Can’t paint individual bricks easily

Paint is usually quite viscous and prone to dipping if it is not applied with care. So, if are trying to paint a specific area or touch up singular bricks you have to be extremely careful doing so.

Tinting can be done on a much more individual level as well as on a large scale for a full property tint. The solution is easier to apply than paint and with much fewer risks.

Cannot match new bricks to old bricks

Painting bricks cannot be done in a way that makes them look old, dated, or textured. This means that you cannot match new to old, you can only cover the old bricks with the paint.

Paint is designed to look smooth, polished and new. Professional brick tinting services can not only match new bricks to old bricks, but they can also change the colour completely, add multiple colours, or even add a textured look to the brick through the use of clever brush techniques.

Doesn’t soak in, and sits on the brick surface

The best part about brick tinting is that it soaks into the brick surface which means that if the brick weathers over time the tinted colour will still be prominent.

Whereas with painted bricks, the paint sits on the surface so if it chips or is damaged it will be very noticeable and will likely require repairing and maintenance, unlike a tinted brick.

Needs regular maintenance

Paint, whilst being an easy DIY option, it requires far more upkeep than tinting does. This can be for a variety of reasons including general chips and weathering, colour fading, mould, and protective treatment.

Overall, while painting may seem like the easy option to do yourself at home, it can quickly become more hassle than you think!

Has to be repainted every 5 years

Brick tinting is a permanent solution that will last as long as your bricks do! Paint can chip or fade, plus to properly care for the surface underneath you should strip the paint and repaint it every 5 years to allow the pores of the bricks to breathe.

Having to repaint every 5 years is not only expensive but it is very time-consuming as well.

Covers the natural look and texture of the bricks

Bricks are such a beautiful, natural material, the look and feel of them provide a look, unlike any other material. Wallpaper, render, or paint simply doesn’t come close to the rustic textured look of bricks.

So, why would you want to cover it with paint? Not only are you risking serious damage over time but you are choosing to have a fake chemical substance covering them at the surface level.

Expensive to upkeep to a high-quality

As we have mentioned above there are various risks to consider when choosing to paint bricks from the repainting and maintenance to the specialist paint, and the potential of even more serious damage to your property over time.

Overall, unless you are seriously desiring a specific colour or style that brick tinting cannot achieve we would highly recommend opting for brick tinting instead of painting. 

You could save yourself money long term and short term!

Plus, our professional team have over 20 years of experience in brick tinting so they guarantee a high level of service and a high-quality finish with every job.