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Job Type: Almost Everything!

Job Location: Widnes, Merseyside

Job Date: October-November 2022

Time to Complete Job: 10 days

Description of work:

This is one of the biggest jobs we have ever done! We covered almost every single service we offer just for this one house. But, wow, the transformation was so worth the days we put in! It’s safe to say that the customer was also extremely pleased with the results.

The client was desperate to get the property looking more modern and clean, there were so many things wrong from the old ivy sprawling across the walls to the chipped old paint and mismatched bricks.

So, to start off, our team started by removing the ivy safely without damaging the walls, we then cleaned the whole building using a combination of acid washing, pressure washing and brick cleaning. During the cleaning, we also carried out paint removal of the green and white paint around the door and bay window.

After we got the whole front cleaned it was time to move on to repairs. This building was in need of some TLC with various chips, cracks and lime blows in the bricks, mortar and stone structure. 

To finish off it was time for the team to tint! We tinted the bricks an orange/red shade to blend the mismatched bricks in with the rest of the house. The team leader of the project Martin said that he was most proud of how they were able to tint the stone that was stripped of paint to look like bricks. We even hand-tinted in lines to look like mortar to really make the stone look like bricks.

Overall this has to be one of the best examples of a ‘spot the difference’ there are so many from the before and after! A true triumph by team Brick Makeover with this job!

Do you have a house that needs some TLC like this one? You can get a free bespoke quote from our team.

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