What is Brick Repairs?

There are different types of brick repair processes depending on the type of damage. To repair lime blows we use a very fine filler, and we add a small amount of pigment to match the colour of the brick. We add to a spatula or filling knife and dry the test area to check that we have the correct colour. Once correct, we fill the holes left by the lime blows and allow them to dry. For small chips and cracks, the process is similar to the lime blows repair process except we also add fine sand to the mixture in order to reinforce the structure. This gives a high-quality finish to the repaired surface. For larger repair jobs the process uses the same mixture. To fill bigger repairs we layer this process, ensuring each layer dries before adding the next. After completing repairs we can complete the job with our brick tinting service if required.

Benefits of Brick Repairs?

  • When surfaces get damaged it can compromise the structural integrity as well as the look of the property, our brick repair service is fast and effective!
  • It is cheaper to act fast before the damage gets too bad and costs more to repair or even replace.
  • We give you our satisfaction guarantee, if you aren't 100% happy with our work we'll come back to resolve any issues. However, we always aim for perfection first try.
  • The finish on our brick repairs will look seamless thanks to our brick tinting.
  • We use natural products that work with your bricks.
  • Our brick repair technicians have over 20 years of experience so you’ll get the highest quality finish.

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Brick Repairs FAQs

Cracks in bricks, Chipped bricks, Lime blows, Blown faces and Mock toothing in joint

No. Our technicians will be able to blend brick repairs with our brick tinting service for a seamless finish.

Brick repairs will last as long as the brick. Once repaired, you shouldn’t have any further problems.
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